Monday, 1 April 2013

Foods to fight breast cancer

I like to think that I eat healthly and after being diagnosed with this bastard cancer I googled 'foods to fight breast cancer' . The same ones kept coming up ................ so how did I do???

Broccoli - I hate the awful calabrese heads that are commonly sold as broccoli and served in every pub/restaurant all year round but adore purple sprouting ......... tick

In the same group sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. I hate sprouts, always have done, as a child I was only exempt from eating them on Christmas day!!......cross tick tick
Tomatoes -   until recently I only ate these in season but as we love greek/turkish salad with our feta I've been buying foreign ones ..... tick
Yellow veg - peppers, melon, squash ..... tick tick tick
winter squash, carrots .... tick tick
Sweet potato - I just don't get on with this .... cross
 Fruit especially blueberries .... tick
Spinach, kale, swiss chard ..... tick tick tick
Brown rice, well its in the cupboard ..... cross
Bulgar wheat ... tick
Wholegrains ..... tick
Oily fish, for many years I rarely ate meat, prefering fish but to be honest these days we don't see a fishmonger very often so fish is a once in a while meal. cross/tick ??
Beans and lentils, as OH will testify I adore chickpeas so they appear at least three times a week !!!!! lentil salad and soup is another regular!!!....... TICK
Mushrooms ... tick
Nuts, flax seeds, green tea, turmeric - I love nuts but rarely buy them because they get eaten too quickly and are calorific! never tried flax seeds or green tea and cook with turmeric but around once  a month ........ probably a total of one tick!

Looks like I'm doing well........right?


I should be eating 9+ portions of fruit and veg a day and 2-3 portions of oily fish a week plus more   wholegrains to inrease my fibre intake.

In the last week I have started to make changes - blueberries for breakfast, makerel and salmon, four times, purple sprouting every suppertime and beans/lentils everyday which has made for a very windy household!!!!

The only spanner in the works was 3 markets on the trot this weekend so along with hospital visits, cheesemaking and preparing for the markets my inner domestic goddess failed ....

No healthy meals prepared then!

Infact downright unhealthy ........

Tomorrow is another day!

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