Friday, 29 March 2013

Old Friends

Its Good Friday and our first Bude Farmers Market of the season has been and gone! What a fab start to the season..............

It was so lovely to see all the traders again and their love and support for me is overwhelming. Not to mention the offers of help to sell my cheese when I'm in Hospital. Hey guys ... you rock!!!!

Had a huge shock though when we got home as OH recieved an e-mail from a friend who we see/keep in touch with every few years ( the sort of friend you don't see for years but pick up the conversation from where you left off ...) His wife who I worked with 20 odd years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer last September ..... she is still receiving treatment now. Why her? ... she is such a lovely person.

What a bastard this cancer is.

Talking of old friends ........ just before my diagnoses a couple of old friends got back in touch via facebook.

Facebook???? Yes I know, most of you know I have no idea about FB, Twitter is my thing but something seems to be making plans....... fate or whatever my old life has something to do with it.

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