Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My week

Soooooooooooo a week has past since my last post  ...... not alot has happened but here's a summary.

Yes I took all the nagging on board and accepted that I was a 'silly sod', 'prat' 'stupid' etc etc and took it easy.

As promised I took a back seat during cheesemaking on Wednesday, staying in bed whilst OH cleaned, washed and sterilised everything before swanning downstairs to add culture and rennet (so we didn't end up with anymore fuckwit cheese!) I did a bit of stirring when required and some of the washing up. Despite making less cheese than normal and not doing much to help I was pretty tired at the end of it.

On Thursday one of my lovely friends came over for lunch as well as bearing gifts, and apart from preparing a few cheeses for OH to take to the weekend markets I had a lovely relaxing day.

I kept away from the markets on Friday and Saturday but did venture out to Waitrose but (before you all shout) I asked for someone to pack the shopping into the car so I didn't have to lift anything! That little trip did tire me out so I didn't do much else.
As instructed on Saturday I stayed in bed but was then rudely awakened at 8.20 by OH phoning ...... when I phoned him back to complain he said I should have ignored it ........... for goodness sake the man's mad!!!

Sunday was a nice lazy day with the papers, a drink down the pub and bumping into some old friends  and a delicious lunch cooked by OH. The only dampner was having a big bust up with my mother on the phone but it was going to happen sooner or later so at least its now happened.... Onwards and upwards!!!

Now this is the bit where you're all going to shout and throw things but ............ I went milk recording yesterday afternoon and this morning! There........ I've said it, I went to work! In my defence I did phone the farmer and say that I thought the stretching would be too much for me and that perhaps we could reschedule but his wife offered to do the stretching bits which meant that I didn't have to do anything physical. I'm glad I did it ... it was good to get out and  I felt quite tired last night but I slept really well for the first time in 5 days!

We had a friend over for lunch today and OH cooked a lovely meal ..... I could get into this friends over for lunch thing.  It used to be quite a regular occurence for us many years ago but we all seem to be so busy these days.
Although I would have loved to have done some gardening this afternoon I didn't but instead supervised OH who planted some broad beans and mangetout.

So as you can see I have done as I'm told this week!

Although its Wednesday tomorrow there's no cheesemaking as its results day so we're back off to RD&E!

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