Friday, 22 November 2013

Where's it gone????


Have you seen it??

Have you got it??

If so please can I have it back.....

What the bloody hell are you talking about I hear you ask?

Well in case you haven't noticed I've lost my mojo.........

Careless I know but I've no idea where to find it!

I just have no enthusiasm for anything at the moment and that it includes cheesemaking ....... yup the one thing I've loved doing, found theraputic and never tired of these last four years has become a chore. Running the business has become a chore and getting back to people has been a chore. In fact I've become a crap business woman and done all the things against my principles which includes keeping people waiting.......

If mojo was here it wouldn't happen but...............where the bloody hell is it?

I've never been one for lounging around in bed ........ well with animals, markets and milk recording there's no choice really but at the moment getting up in the morning really isn't up there on my list of priorities, although I'm not sleeping beyond the early hours  (insomnia rules) I just can't be arsed to get up.

In fact I just can't be arsed to do anything...

If mojo was here it wouldn't happen but ........... where the bloody hell is it?

I have tried giving myself a good talking to but whereas it would normally get me back on track its not worked this time.

So if you've seen it or if you've got it please can I have my mojo back?


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Consultants appointment

Today felt a bit strange ...... no cheese making and

 ..... hanging around waiting............

Its a while since you've heard me say this but we left ridiculously early ................

However you'll be disappointed to hear I didn't hang onto the door handle and squawk in appropriate places  ....


Because I was driving!!! ....... OH still can't drive (but more of that later)

We got to RD&E in plenty of time and then drove round all the car parks getting madder and madder ..... lots of bollocks, shits and fucks!!

So we ended up heading for the nearest public carpark ....... as we came to the lights at Waitrose (OH who wanted to buy beer) suggested we parked there as you get two hours free...........

Big mistake ................

We nipped in and bought beer ...... oh and a bottle of wine somehow leapt into the basket (that's the no drinking during the week out the window then!!)

Twenty minutes later and ten minutes before my appointment time we were sitting in the waiting room.

We waited and waited and waited.

OH had forgotten his glasses so couldn't read his book and my book was so boring I gave up!

After fifty minutes OH asked how long the clinic was over running

It seems I'd be called in after another two ladies so another thirty minutes

Ten minutes later OH left to collect the car .................... bit worrying as he hasn't driven since his operation nearly seven weeks ago. Oh, and he'd forgotten to bring his mobile!

I was then called in and sat in the usual fetching gown for another thirty minutes before Mr. Ferguson came in.

'Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. Last but by no means least' he greeted me

He took my lymph node scar infections seriously and then had a good look at it.

He thinks that there is a cyst and a flap of skin which needs removing.

'Where do you live?'


'Is that anywhere near Tiverton or Axminster?


Anyway seems he does large ops at RD&E and his smaller stuff at Tivvy and Axminster.

He suggested finding someone in Okehampton to do it but was a bit doubtful.....

So the better the devil you know and all that.

He'll do it in a few weeks.

He's pleased with my boob and how its healed and feels!

So I'll be back to see him there in the spring and have a mammogram.

Luckly OH had managed to drive from Waitrose to the hospital without incident but was happy to hand me the keys!!


Monday, 11 November 2013

Healthy eating .... foods to fight breast cancer update

Ok so I don't post for a while and then suddenly like buses the posts all come along at once!!!!!

One of my early posts was about Foods to fight breast cancer and how well I was or wasn't eating!

And yes if I was clever there would be a link to it here but ........... I tried to do it and ........... it didn't work!! Send me a teenager!

How am I doing???? (healthy eating wise not link wise!!)

Well ................ initially I was sticking rigidly to the 9+ fruit and veg portions a day and the oily fish etc malarkey ...................and ............ then...................

.............. I became a lady 'who lunches' meeting friends in local eateries and it then became impossible to eat that much fruit and veg as even choosing the vegetarian option just doesn't come that close..... well even to one portion let alone two!

I got lazy, found it difficult, it didn't fit in with work, markets etc ...................... and anyway was it really making a difference?????

So five a day was the norm.............

Oh and then OH and I did the day date thing eating out once a week during my radio therapy......

Fast forward (or roll back) to the end of August ....

I realised that I'd put on quite a lot of weight and really needed to do something about it tout suite especially as I was well into taking Tamoxifen and one of the side effects is weight gain and all the forums and web pages are full of this fact.

I only need to look at food and will put on half a stone so taking Tamoxifen with this side effect has always been my biggest worry...... plus I really don't want the bastard cancer to come back so I must do my bit to piss it off by eating stuff it doesn't like!

On the 19th August I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to take action immediately......

.............simples .... cut down on what I was eating, up my fruit and veg to 8-9 portions a day and only drink (my beloved wine) at weekends

No problem!!! Maybe?? Dunno??

Actually it was easy ........ that night one of my lovely twitter friends tweeted that she needed to lose 2.5 stone by 3rd Dec for her hols but needed help so I suggested that as I had similar weight to lose we'd do it very publicly, have a weigh in on Wednesdays and tweet the results to the world.

Sooooooooooooooo back up to 8-9 portions of fruit and veg a day, oily fish and loads of brown rice for me! (I just can't get enough brown rice at the moment .... been craving and eating it for the last 6 weeks!)

Then we had other tweeters who joined us and we became an online weight watchers!!

This was the best thing for me and ..................

having to announce my results to everyone made me stick to this regime. Although its be slow (for my liking) I have now lost a stone!

Initially it hasn't been easy to stick to 8 or 9 portions of fruit and veg a day especially with milk recording mornings (if I have fruit on a MR morning then by the time I've got to the end of the lane, I need a pee and or need to go once I get to the farm ..... no loos available just the hedge!!) toast is order of the day then!


Here is a rough weekly menu!

During the summer breakfast was all the lovely peaches, nectarines, melons and blueberries and grapes, now its kiwi fruit, grapes, blueberries if they're reduced, and fabulous russet apples.

Lunch for months now has been Greek salad made with home grown cucumbers, tomatoes, dill and our own feta, just adding bought peppers, red onion and olives. Sadly this week we have had to buy everything except for the feta as the polytunnel is bare!
I adore houmous so making it twice a week keeps us in stock!........ mustn't forget the flat bread ... either home made or shop bought wholemeal pitta to mop it all up.

Avocado and couscous with tinned picante sardines avec tomato, cucumber and onions also feature as one of our favourites!

Supper is salmon twice a week in various guises, chicken once a week and then mushroom stroganoff, all with three or four vegetable portions such as green beans, broad beans, sweetcorn, spinach or purple sprouting broccoli. Roasted or stuffed peppers. Vegetable curry with dahl  and vegetable chilli are brilliant for getting in all the portions of veg. Oh and don't forget the brown rice ...... even OH is now eating it willingly!!! Oh yes and the chickpeas ..... I adore chickpeas!!

As you can imagine it gets quite windy chez nous!!

Now don't think he's hard done by ....... he still eats toast or bacon sandwich or eggs for breakfast and although I rarely eat red meat now, ( only because my body doesn't want it) I cook OH meat and his favourite mini roasties when he wants them.

We are also well into prunes and greek yogurt ......................

So all in all I think I'm doing pretty well!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm still here!

Have you missed me???

rhetorical question  ..... no need to answer!!!

Yes sorry I've been a bit silent of late ....... don't snigger but I haven't had much to say these last few weeks.

Six weeks of Darby and Joan have become tres boring and I haven't had appointments involving lumps, bumps and piles!

Oh! did someone mention piles?????

Now ........ there's a thing piles......

When I was 17 years old I was told by a lady Dr  that I had an abnormal pile and that it was best to leave it alone....... so leave it alone I have all these years ........every now and then it and its soul sisters have got abit sore but they've sorted themselves out even if its been a while!

Ha ha .... bet you now know that I've had a problem ....... yup .... its piles!!!

Five weeks ago I suddenly had two days of constipation out of the blue ......couldn't find an explanation and my piles played up.

Oh so you're wanting to know the ins and outs of piles????? ...........

Actually its very boring .........................................

For two weeks shove anusol suppositories up your bottom......

then forget to buy more ......

have a sore bottom

Make an appointment to see your most trusted GP

Wait eight days to see him!

Squirm and waffle at the same time as trying to appear cool talking about your piles ........

Well I failed miserably ...... how uncool was I????

Why are piles the most embarrassing thing to talk about ???????

I can get my boobs out for Drs.  Consultants, Registrars, junior doctors (any anyone else in the medical profession wanting to learn )

And I haven't a problem with anyone looking at my lady garden .......

BUT piles .... ????

Dr Howlett was just so ...... well professional  ......

I'm still squirming at having to ask him to look but ...... well I'm sure I'll get over it and I think he's probably seen worse!

It seems Anusol suppositories are the answer!