Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nearly there.....

Less than 34 hours to go .................. not that I'm counting, well, not much anyway!

Had another crap nights sleep last night with odd dreams and waking up frequently so looking forward to having a good kip on Friday during the op!

This morning I started to feel twitchy but before I could get too worked up OH put rennet into the wrong batch of cheese so after a lot of swearing I suddenly had to focus and try and rectify the situation and stop him from dumping it ............. so we now have a cheese aptly labelled 'fuckwit blue' only time will tell if its turned out ok!!!!

The rest of cheesemaking was pretty full on so no time to dwell and then before supper I had to get everything ready for milk recording tomorrow morning so no time to dwell.

I have been overwhelmed again by all the messages of  love and support  from so many lovely people and all the positive vibes being sent my way is amazing. Thank you everyone I really appreciate it xxx
Hopefully this bastard cancer will get the message!

Roll on Friday .........

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