Thursday, 4 April 2013

Concentration lapses

Today I've had terrible lapses of concentration ...........

I'm not conciously thinking of this bloody cancer but I think it must be hovering somewhere in the back of my mind.

Not only that but the simplest thing has got me annoyed which hasn't been too pleasant for OH.

I couldn't even cope with OH asking me a question whilst I was doing something else .....
normally I'm brilliant at multi tasking!!!

I love making cheese and Thursday is always part 2 of cheesemaking (apart from the disruption of hospital appointments) but today I forgot to switch on one of my little vats, then I couldn't remember if I'd put starter in both of the Forda Ash, and then once they were in the press I discovered later that I'd not put the pressure on . In turn this got me annoyed. (on the flip side I could have a new cheese!!)

The post as usual didn't arrive until 3pm with a first class letter from RD&E that took 2 days (lazy postman didn't bother to deliver yesterday)   but brought confirmation of my operation date along with information about going into hospital. Oh, and an appointment for a pre assessment ...... On Wednesday next week

Noooooooooo thats cheesemaking day.

Shit! didn't I have that done last week?

They called it a pre op then and it was done to save me treking all the way back before the op.

I don't know why but I got completely stressed out about it. After I'd given myself a good talking to I phoned the appropriate person but had to leave a voice mail message........ still waiting for the call back.

OH had popped out shopping whilst this was happening ........ I know I was being good but thank goodness he came back with wine!!

I think the penny is finally beginning to drop .... I've got breast cancer and I've got to go and have an operation in hospital.


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