Saturday, 20 April 2013

Operation Day

So the waiting is over and I've had the operation to remove the bastard cancer!

We got up at 5am yesterday and all I was allowed was a cup of black tea .... yuk!
Then as instructed I had a bath whilst OH phoned the ward to check that I was still expected. Thank goodness they said yes!
We arrived in plenty of time and OH's lack of lane discipline in Exeter didn't freak me out too much. There were plenty of spaces to park but it cost £8 ..... 8 quid!!

After finding the ward .....( you need a satnav to find your way around RD&E its huge) the start of several long waits began. I was the first of 10 ladies to be called in but then they all got seen to before me .... at least the anaesthetist came to talk to me as I was begining to feel left out. He said I was 3rd on the list so the op would be around 11am.


The nurse then got to me and went through the admissions procedure including 'are you still having periods?' 'Yes' 'well I really need to do a pregnancy test for you' 'No I'm really not pregnant' 'But I need to do a test as you're under 53' 'No I can assure you I'm not preganant' 'how do you know?' .... and it went on .... it would probably have been easier to have agreed to the test but I'M NOT PREGNANT!
So I signed to that effect.

She then said that as I was on the afternoon list I could go and wait with OH. eeerrrr I thought I was 3rd on the list? oh well perhaps it had changed.

Then my saviour, the cancer nurse came in and as we chatted in front of the day care nurse she said ... not long to wait you're 3rd on this morning. No said the day care nurse she's on this afternoons list

Turns out there were 2 lists ...... suddenly my preparation shifted up a gear!

Gown on, some rather fetching white stockings and then my dressing gown and bright pink slippers.

The registrar was summoned to do the consent form and draw an arrow on me!

Then I had to go to Nuclear (walking through the hospital in my fashionable get up!!) and have radiation stuff injected into my boob ..... bloody hell it hurt!
Then they took some scans and drew on my boob.

Next stop was Breast Cancer care where I had ultrasound scan to locate the lump and have a wire inserted so the surgeon knew where the bastard cancer was.

As I was next on the list and the theatre was next door they kept me in the department instead of sending me back to the ward.

The wait then began......................

The radiographer was brilliant and made several phone calls to find out what was happening. Eventually two and half hours later I went to theatre.

My monthly disposable contact lenses became daily disposables as my case and solution were still on the ward so then everything and everyone was a complete blurr. I could just make out the clock at 1.20pm before the anaethetist did his thing and I felt like I'd drunk too much....................

I was then waking up in recovery. I have no idea how long I was asleep for but it was definately the best kip in ages! My underarm felt very painful so I was given some instant pain relief.

Back on the ward I had tea and toast .... one of the best meals ever after nothing for 21 hours!

Then blood pressure tests etc ... a pee which as promised was blue!!! and then allowed to get dressed and sit with OH for 2 hours. Finally at 6pm I was discharged.

For 8 quid I thought that the car might have been valeted but sadly it still looked rustic! The drive home was a dream and OH's lane discipline was exemplary .... must have been the drugs!

Phone calls made and then supper made by OH as instructions from the hospital were no cooking, no alcohol ... I think my face was a picture!! no signing important documents, no making important decisions, no bathing, no driving etc etc

I didn't sleep well but at least it wasn't because of bad dreams .... just too much sleep on the operating table!!

I can't thank the staff at RD&E enough for the fab treatment I received, they were all fantastic and their customer service is second to none!

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  1. Glad you got it over with, those waits are just horrible aren't they. It must have been so scary ...
    Keep courageous Sarah, I'll be thinking of you x