Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sooner than I thought .......

Hello! Are you still there?

Yes I'm just as surprised as you are that I'm back here again as my next scheduled ramblings are for 3rd March when I have my oncology appointment with the fabulous Dr. Goodman!

However ........ Yesterday just after 9  I got a phone call which I nearly didn't answer as 'withheld' usually means call centre.

Now the nice lady on the other end nearly got my mouth engaging before my brain ..........
 ( Oh bollocks have I forgotten an appointment??? No Don't be stupid the only one is oncology with Dr. Goodman  on 3rd March ..... but what if the Muppet postman didn't deliver the letter..... shit shit shit  ..... For fuck sake ......... listen she said your sixth monthly appointment with Mr. Ferguson and there's been a cancellation)

Oh that's alright then apart from nearly blurting out that I had to run that day as I'm training for the Bideford 10k and couldn't make it, I shut my trap and made it a date!

Today we made cheese toute suite and then left for RD&E

No it wasn't ridiculously early because of Cheesemaking although I did worry we'd be late .............

However the trip in was smooth and although there was some squawking from me and bickering between us about OH's lane discipline but we got  a parking space immediately. Ate our picnic and then bunged £2.50 into the machine before wandering down to K level 1 .

Reported to the usual reception to a smiley trainee girl who couldn't find me ...... then the FAT bitch sitting down barked Mr. Ferguson .......... reception one ......... oh right thanks sorry I missed it on our way down  ...... you complete and utter cow (hope you get syphilis on Valentine's day)

Retraced our steps and found the right place to be told by the lovely receptionist that Mr.F clinic was running 50 minutes late

It didn't matter  as I had my running blog post to finish

Anyway I got called in after 40 minutes and after putting on the fetching gown the man himself came in...........

I was so pleased to see Mr. F........

As usual he filled me with confidence was pleased that my surgery had healed so well joking that a surgeon loved patients whose operations healed so well.

He had a good feel,  of my boobs and underarms and although my right boob (the bastard cancer one) feels a bit lumpy apparently that's normal.
Of course the period conversation came up........ yup I'm still having them.... So they'll keep me on tamoxifen for ten years however if  I go menopausal in the next 6 months then they may give me a different drug!
Although he then said he'd see me in twelve months.

He will also request my next mammogram which is due in April......

 As we left and I know parking is at a premium at  RD&E  there was no need for the bitch in the red mini to force her way into the space we were vacating causing OH to hit the kerb to avoid her. There was another red mini which had been waiting for the space before she arrived and she cut in front of it. How rude!