Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Post Op update

Today I am feeling crap ..........

Yes I know its my own fault and I can hear some of you saying 'told you so' but I had to find out for myself  ..... its me remember!

I don't think the anti-imflammary painkillers have helped either. For someone who always has regular bowel movements, its a bit of a shock and uncomfortable to be constipated so suddenly. Not only that but developing a mouth full of ulcers and an infection in the ladies department (menswear is on the second floor ....ha ha ) hasn't helped. After reading the long list of side effects on the pills I decided I didn't want to develop anything else so stopped taking them. BUT (before you all yell at me) will start again if need be!

Hoorah .... in the early hours I had an uncomfortable call of nature and then I was back to normal this morning....... just need to get rid of the other things now!

I was forbidden by OH to do anything on Saturday which drove me nuts ..... having to tell him what to do and then watch him do it was torture. It was lovely to escape to the neighbours for a cup of tea!

On Sunday I felt fine when I got up apart from being constipated so went with OH to Totnes Good Food Market, the plan was that I'd sit down take it easy and relieve customers of their money ..... in reality I took on my usual role of serving customers. (standing the whole time)  Although it wasn't very busy, it was very cold and draughty in our spot and so I got cold and tired.

Yesterday I sort of pottered about and was pleased to be able to wash my hair myself ...... no big deal you may think but we don't have mod cons here - its a case of leaning over the bath with a jug ... lifting a litre of water at a time and pouring over my head was easy ... no pain or discomfort. We popped out for a drink and snackette at lunchtime, followed by a bit more pottering and a friend popping in for a cup of tea!

This morning I felt fine when I got up and then within an hour went down hill. It was nice to have a friend drop by and have a chat and cup of tea but I've just slobbed around on the sofa all day since then.

Before you ask .... yes I'm doing my exercises but they take all of 2 minutes 4 times a day. Tomorrow I can add some more to the routine ..... yay!!!!

I have no pain in my boob or underarm, although if I touch the wound under my arm it feels a little sore. Earlier both op sites were itchy so I think that must be the healing process doing its stuff .... I hope so!

Tomorrow is cheesemaking day and we are just having half the usual amount of milk to see how we get on as I can't do any lifting and don't know how well I will be able to stir......... I will definately be doing as I'm told ........

I promise!

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