Thursday, 11 April 2013

This and that

Is it really a week since I last blogged?? How time flies!

Actually I did write a post on Friday but then decided against publishing it .... for the time being anyway. I felt alot better for writing it and getting things off my chest though.

I haven't had any more lapses of concentration thank goodness, but I am still getting annoyed at silly things which in turn is making me annoyed at being annoyed aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg.

Not sleeping well is this weeks problem....... having odd dreams and waking up almost every hour is the norm at the moment. OH is having bad dreams too and even woke himself up the other night as he was gouging his back with his nails. So we're both pretty knackered.

However (yes I know ... never start a sentence with however!!) we are still getting so much love and support from friends old and new, fellow traders, twitter friends, facebook friends and even customers which is really getting us through this. Thank you!

On the food front we are on now eating oily fish 4 times a week, the brown rice has  been opened and after I'd had it three times and cooked basmati rice for OH instead he has now joined me in the brown rice revolution!!! 

I wasn't sure  exactly what a portion of fruit and veg consisted of ...... well I knew the basics, an apple, orange or pear was one portion but melon, mango or grapes which I often have for breakfast I wasn't sure about. Then how much purple sprouting or kale makes a portion.
After looking it up I found that before this bastard cancer I was more times than not eating my 5 a day. So its been quite easy to do the 9 a day except on market days and early milk recording days ...... fruit makes me want to wee every two minutes!!!!

The surprising thing was that more than one portion of chickpeas, lentils, pulses etc doesn't count so OH is overjoyed that we're not eating chickpeas morning noon and night!!

Anyway only a week to go until the op.......................

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