Sunday, 21 April 2013

No more glamour modelling then!

When I was discharged from hospital I was given a list of instructions of what not to do including do not bath for 24 hours.

After having been in the hospital for 23 hours I had got hot and sweaty waiting for things to happen, the fetching white stockings made me very hot and after the op I still had blood on my boob from where the wire had been put in and no dressing put on.

I really would have liked to have washed when I got home but obviously I had to abide by the rules.

As advised I'd also kept my bra on bed as well.

The thought of having a bath last night was lovely but I was also going to have to take my bra off and look at my boob. I wasn't sure whether I was ready to or wanted to...... not sure what it was going to look like. I'd seen my underarm which  is just covered in a waterproof dressing with blood underneath but my boob????

Well I took my bra off and ........... well I think my glamour modelling days are over !!!!!

My poor boob has taken a battering! I couldn't bring my self to look too closely and of course being blind as a bat without contacts I couldn't see too much either. Just as well me thinks!

Lovely to have a bath though.

....... and then I put a bra on again.

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