Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I've developed a rash!

Helloooooooooo yes, I'm still here ...........

Just not had much to report as the daily ritual of radio therapy isn't very interesting!

On Thursday as I got changed after being zapped I noticed (because there was a mirror) that I had a rash................ it wasn't where I'm being treated but in a sort of outline of the crop tops that I've been wearing instead of a bra. Of course me being me I had a bit of a panic .... what should I do??? go back to the radio therapy desk and tell them??? Leave it until tomorrow???? Oh...... it could be the tamoxifen, didn't I see rash and hives in the list of side effects ???

So I got dressed and came home.......... as soon as we'd landed I had the Tamoxifen leaflet out going through the side effects .............. yes, a rash or hives could be caused by taking it but it wasn't neccesary to tell the doctor. Good although I didn't know if it was the tamoxifen at least I didn't have to see the quack!

It didn't itch and looked a bit like a heat rash I used to get when we went abroad so I came to the conclusion that as the weather had been very hot it was combination of  heat/sweat and the crop tops!

Still I'd tell my radio therapy team in the morning.

Actually I didn't get to see them the next day as my appointment was put back 3 hours due to one of the machines breaking down and it was a different team.

I didn't tell them!

By Monday it had spread to the top of my underarm on the side I'm being treated and although still not itching looked furious!

I was back with the A team so discussed it with them ....... they confirmed  it wasn't anything to do with the radio therapy, agreed that it was probably the heat/sweat/croptop combination but advised me to see my GP.

Within an hour of arriving home I was with Dr. Fernandez ..... his knowledge of tamoxifen wasn't good he said and the Oncolgy Dept should be the ones sorting that one. Anyway he decided that it was fungal. I now have cream to apply.

Whoops .... the A team were concerned about me using the cream in the zapping area but we decided that I didn't need to.

Whilst being zapped I decided that the crop tops had to go I'd pop into M&S afterwards and buy a cotton non underwired bra.

 24 hours after ditching the crop top the rash has calmed down!

In other news.......
...... today marked the half way point of radio therapy...... two weeks today it'll be finished!!!!!!

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