Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ouch, ouch, ouch..........

Sooooooooooooo within 24 hours of ditching the crop tops and wearing a cotton rich boulder holder the rash looked much better. I was putting on the fungal cream as instructed by my GP but still thought it a waste of time!
Three days later it was looking so much better but the A team had other ideas and told me they were sending me to see Dr. Goodman (he of the bow tie and dyed hair!) after my radio therapy session ................ oh great how long a wait would that be??

10 minutes later he was examining the rash ..........
He agreed that the cotton bra was a much better idea but silk was good too .... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt ... yeah ok in my dreams .......... in a past life (when I had money) I used to have silk underwear (infact I still have it in a drawer but its several sizes too small!!)
No he didn't think it was fungal
No he didn't think it was the tamoxifen

Did I think the cream was doing any good??


So his advice was to stop using it ....... suits me!!

Within 4 days the rash had completely cleared up!

Hooray I hear you cry ............

Me too ...... except now I have another problem ..... no its not OH or his driving ..... the skin under my boob has split (it was one of the side affects Dr. Goodman listed at our first meeting along with the damaged lungs and broken ribs, so I suppose its the better option) Imagine severe athletes foot under all you toes on one foot ...... ouch ouch ouch

Remedy .... a gel to rub on .....ouch, ouch ouch and no bra ........ hopefully with only 3 more sessions it won't get much worse and I'll get used to no support!!

The other side affect this week has been the fatigue .... I'll never know if it was to do with the 2 markets we did last weekend (the only 2 which were a must during the RT) and/or the heat or just all the travelling catching up but I've had to have afternoon naps .......

What an old lady!

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