Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thank goodness we have two cars

Now that we have a daily commute to RD&E for radio therapy we have found that leaving at 08.10hours means we get there between 09.15 and 09.30hrs ..... there is still parking and generally I get called in before my 09.45 appointment.

On Friday my appointment was put back three hours due to one of the machines breaking!

Soooooooooooo we were back to the leaving ridiculously early bit ....... just as well as it took us 30 minutes longer to get there.

However I'm jumping the gun..... we came off the A30 onto the slip road OH's truck started to make creaking noises ....... he didn't say anything and nor did I!!

Now at this point if it was my automobile I'd have turned the radio up  .......Once when I had to call the  AA man out  to a faulty temperature gauge, he then asked how long my engine had been making a particular noise ....... my reply 'I don't know I just turn the radio up!' .... his face was a picture!! ha ha ha!

Anyway I digress we sat in the traffic jam going into Exeter the creaky noise kept happening. Still OH said nothing so in the end I mentioned it as I was having visions of us conking out and me having to run (in my dreams) to the hospital.

He had clocked it as well but was clearly keeping quiet! Instead of turning the radio up I turned it off.... we had no idea what it was and I think both secretly prayed that we would get to the hospital.

As we got out of the Oncology Dept at 13.15hrs we decided to drive to North Bovey for lunch ......... if we broke down its a lovely place to do it in!

On Monday the creaking persisted so OH took it to the garage............and left it!

Oh dear............. we've had to use my car for the last three days and.......................... yes I've driven!!

Well you didn't expect me to let OH to drive my car did you???

Now he doesn't hang onto the car door or squeal like me but then again I have lane discipline!!
He does keep pointing out cars moving lanes and complain that I'm not shouting at them! ...... yes darling the reason is they are indicating to move lanes not just swerving back and forth!
Other than that he's been a perfect passenger until today .........

Well Chris Evans you have a lot to answer for ...... I know the car thing you did today is all for a good cause but OH isn't a petrol head and the huffing and sighing that went on in the passenger seat for an hour was medal winning.
On the way back the slow, smelly (burning oil) horse box I couldn't overtake due to the windy road and car with no oomph caused a load more huffs and sighs and then that idiot Jeremy Vine was almost the icing on the cake with his school girl giggling ........ OH turned the radio off and then he let out a 'oh fucking hell' as I slammed on my anchors .......

........well I missed the tractor didn't I???

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