Friday, 21 June 2013


Well I certainly didn't expect to be posting today ..........

One radio therapy day is much the same as another!

And I know my sister and I don't get on but ........

.......... my Mother phoned tonight to see how the RT was going and then mentioned that my sister who is 48 went to her GP, a woman to ask for a mammogram because of my breast cancer.

Wrong ....... not a good enough reason


Actually I keep hearing this and even my friend whose sister died from breast cancer after the GP told her her lump was nothing has been told that she doesn't need a mammogram!


This just makes me so mad ... what gives them the right to be so dismissive?

Just refer them and forget about your budgets!

Luckly my sister is made of sterner stuff and went to see a male GP who saw the light and she is now booked in for a scan!

My friend however doesn't want to know and isn't persuing it. I hope for her GP's sake that he's right and he never has me to contend with!

Ok bye mum ........eeeerrrrr no .......

To cut a long story (very) short (yes I get the waffling gene from her) ......

They have friends who are around my age ......and she got a call saying that A had breast cancer and was going for an op so they wouldn't be able to keep the dinner date.

My mothers next comment astounded me .....

We hadn't told them about you as we find people don't know what to say when we tell them about your breast cancer,


So we don't say anything.

Ok Ma ....

Please can you give A my contact details. She may want to talk, rant, rave or swear so I'm here if she does!

I'm just so grateful that my bastard cancer was found through routine screening.

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