Thursday, 25 July 2013

How much??

My credit card bill has arrived ....................................

How much?????

No I haven't been on a spending spree .....

......well only at petrol stations!!

Have a guess at how much 20 return trips to RD&E for my radio therapy cost in fuel?


No nowhere near

I'll put you out of your misery.......

£303.30 to be precise

Fucking hell that is a lot of money!!

On top of that OH had a £230 garage repair bill for his truck which still makes the creaky noise so its probably not fixed anyway. Infact it sounded decidedly dodgy today!!

However I'm still alive and the prognosis is pretty good ..... well I should be around for at least  another 20 years or so subject to being knocked down by a bus (pretty remote possibility in these parts!)

I had another shock ........

I decided I couldn't put it off any longer..... I knew I'd put on weight since my operation, the lack of exercise and the tight clothes were a clear indication, as was all the eating and drinking with friends who we hadn't seen in ages ( well everyone really!)

I stood on the scales ...........

How much????

Oh I'm sure they need resetting.

I got off and reset them.

I stood on the scales again.....

Fucking hell I've put on a stone since my operation

Well I won't lie the diet doesn't start tomorrow and nor does the exercise ........ at the moment I can't tolerate the heat so until it cools down a bit I shan't be walking or cycling and we're socialising again this weekend so perhaps Monday will be a good day to start ??????

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