Thursday, 18 July 2013

Radio therapy has finished!

Ha ha ..... so there was me saying in my last post that hopefully the sore split skin would improve after my last radio therapy zapping....


Its here for the duration................. apparently

Yesterday was my last radio therapy session and what a strange feeling that was.......

Its amazing how quickly we got into a routine with the daily trips, playing spot the lorry and courier game and betting where we'd pass the No. 51 bus on its route to Hatherleigh (you may laugh but actually it kept us sane!) Then there was the Sainsbury lady walking to work ... would she or wouldn't she have a fag on? Could we jinx the bloke who forced his way in in the merge lane when it wasn't his turn to then put the wrong fuel in his car when he turned into the petrol station!! Mean I know but it kept us sane!

I didn't have to wait long for my last session and before I knew it I was waving goodbye to the lovely A team leaving them some homemade treats for their tea break!

And we went for our last free coffee at Waitrose ........

Before I left the treatment room the radio therapist advised that the redness and soreness would get worse over the next 10 days as the treatment continues to work in my body!

Oh great!

I'm still having to go bra less as the skin hasn't healed under my boob.  It really isn't that comfortable hanging free and I realised in Waitrose I was pushing my bust up like Cissie and Ada in a Les Dawson sketch although I definitely wasn't gurning ..... well I don't think I was anyway!!

Now what?

A few lie ins??

No chance if this morning is anything to go by .......... first squabbling magpies, then Cedric the bloody fuckwit sounding off and to top it all a ruddy paraffin parrot circling overhead......... aaaaarrrrrrgggggg

Well, because of the tiredness we've cancelled this weeks markets and despite my optimism all those weeks ago when I got the RT dates we haven't made cheese today either ....... hopefully we'll start again next week!

I can't believe how knackered I get by the afternoon at the moment and apparently I've got several more weeks of it!

I  have a farm booked on Monday and Tuesday ........ its the one where I have to stretch so I'm hoping that the radio therapist is wrong and the split skin will have healed and I'm back into a bra again especially with this hot weather as I won't be able to wear my parlour clothes (waterproof top and trousers - give protection from getting plastered in shit and piss but too hot and sweaty in a heat wave) eeerrrrrrmmm my old t-shirts are pretty worn and see through!!!

Anyway hopefully normal service will be resumed next week??..............very soon??

Oh and I have an appointment to see the dapper Dr. Goodman in September ........ at 4.40hours!!!! We're already laying bets as to how late that will be!

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