Monday, 3 June 2013

I've finally done it

Tonight I've finally done it .................... !!

Yes its only taken four weeks of looking at the prescription and then hiding it again ...... then I had to go to the village surgery to apply for my NHS medical exemption card. (during cancer treatment I'm exempt from paying for my prescriptions)

Then of course I had to wait for it to arrive - too swiftly for my liking I might add!

I then conveniently didn't go near a pharmacy ........ well why would I? Excuses excuses I hear you mutter, absolutely right dear heart!

More delaying tactics followed ........

On Friday I went to Lloyds pharmacy and handed over my prescription. After confirming my details the sales assistant took it to the chemist.
She came back and asked if I was going to wait. 'How long will it be?' I asked adding 'I've no idea about this as I haven't done it before'

I think she thought I was a bit odd but for as long as I can remember on the few occasions I've needed a prescription its always been done at the Doctor's surgery.

Yup I don't do ill and have a tendancy to avoid Doctors!! I guess I'm now going to have to get used to them from now on!

When I got home my lunchtime reading was the leaflet in the box............... what an exciting life I lead!

So the tablets sat on the dining room table all weekend where I regularly picked them up, looked at them and put them back down again!

Today I ran out of excuses, gave myself a good talking to and after supper finally took my first Tamoxifen tablet .................

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