Thursday, 20 June 2013

one down nineteen to go

The deja vu continued last night with the odd dreams and waking up every hour ...... I'm hoping that now I've had the first session of radio therapy and we've done the first rush hour journey my sub conscious will take a hike!

So the first of my twenty radio therapy appointments started today ...... they are are all at 0945hrs.

You will have already completed the next sentence........................

As usual we left ridiculously early ............     0755hrs to be precise!!

In my defence having commuted to Topsham some years ago I remember how bad the rush hour was so although it was a different route into the city today I wasn't taking any chances.

It wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated and the traffic wasn't queuing onto the A30 which was my biggest fear! Although I was clinging onto the door handle as usual, I managed not to squeal at OH's lane discipline or lack of it!! (maybe he's getting better or maybe I just shut my eyes!)

We got parked in the Oncology carpark and I nipped in to hand over four quid in return for a parking permit. Works out at 20p a day! Without it we'd have to fork out £40 over the 4 weeks ....... thats 6 bottles of wine for goodness sake!

Ok, so we were there 30 minutes before my appointment but I was called in after 20 minutes to change into my tunic and 10 minutes later I was being pushed and pulled into position. 10 minutes of beeping later and that was it!


Didn't feel a thing!!

After everything that has gone before it felt a real let down!

The radiographers said 'Bye ... see you tomorrow'

So that really is it??

Seems so ...... I got changed and we drove home ...... we were only gone 3 hours!

Back for round 2 tomorrow!

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