Friday, 7 June 2013

I've now got 3 tattoos!

So today was another visit to RD&E, this time for a CT scan.......

Guess what? .... well you know the answer  - we left ridiculously early as usual ....

10 minutes into the journey we rejoyced at this early start as at the junction with the main road we were met with a 'ROAD AHEAD CLOSED' sign .... ok no problem but where exactly was the road closed?? Should we drive  in that direction and see if we could divert later on???

Nope ....... no frigging answer , not even a diversion sign. SWH you are fucking muppets

Luckly I'm so used to this happening on my trips to the day job that at least I knew which route to take without panicking!

Once on the A30 it was a white knuckle ride as OH seemed to think that we needed to make up time ..... I spend the trip clinging to the door handle as usual!!
We got into Exeter with me still clinging on for dear life then braking like fuck as the  old fart careered towards the stationary car in front..... then suddenly I heard Ken Bruce on the radio getting someones details wrong at the start of popmaster and realised that it was my twitter friend Mr. VC  ....... he might have found it scary but he certainly made me forget about OH's lane discipline and all the other tossers on the road. Thanks Mr VC xx

Despite all this drama we did this trip in record time so popped to Waitrose to get marigold gloves and melba toast which Holsworthy don't have!!  ..... whoops big mistake ... noone told them we were coming and the queues were unbearable ...OH started twitching (thats seriously bad) Me?? I was fine ... thought there was plenty of time! 

Rolled into RD&E and for fuck sake at 11am there were no parking spaces ... did the tour of the 6 carparks and OH kept saying I'll drop you off and park elsewhere .....

shit shit shit....

No this bastard cancer is causing too much trouble as it is ..... so NO just park on the grass (despite the DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS signs) Everyone else has and it'll save them strimming it!!

When the miserable Tina gave me my appointment card 2 weeks ago she said its in the main building.

Sooooooooooooo today we headed into the main hospital and scanned the map for radiotherapy

Nope it wasn't there .... was I being blind? quite possibly, when I'm up tight I can't take things in...

OH couldn't see it and he had his specs on....

So we asked the lady at the desk and with one look at my appointment card she sent us to the oncology dept... yup the exact same place as we went 2 weeks ago.

My appointment was 11.30 and for the first time in this journey it was almost on time .... I was called at 11.45.  First I had to put on a top with poppers which will be mine for the next 4 weeks of this treatment and then I went in for the CT scan.

Richard explained everything and then I had to lay down on the table and get a wire stuck to me. Whilst this was going on my oncologist Dr. Goodman popped in to supervise things .... Its a bit surreal saying hello and I'm fine thanks whilst your boob is hanging out!! Especially the far from perfect one!!

Then I was left on my own whilst the table went in and out of the donut type machine .. infact at one point I thought from the noise it was going to take off!!

Because I was laying down I couldn't see what was going on and just got glimpses of movement through the glass in the other room as this was going on which was a bit frustrating but apparently they were just monitoring my boob!!

Then I got my tattoos .......

Yes I now have 3!!

Before you all get excited and ask for photos ...... they are just dots (Richard said they don't do requests!) its so they can line me up on the machine for my radio therapy!!

Talking of which ... after the scan I was told all about radio therapy and what to expect and given some cream to use, advised to buy a soft bra and told to use simple soap.......

and ... I start my radio therapy in 2 weeks time on 20th June!!

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