Tuesday, 26 March 2013


After my diagnosis last week I decided on the way home that I would blog about my experiences and OH agreed it would be a good idea. I'd already tweeted about what was going on and then the results just after I'd recieved them so alot of people knew or potentially knew I had breast cancer.

We didn't discuss about telling friends so I was a bit surprised when I heard him on the phone tell someone who needed to know what was going on that we weren't telling people!

Hadn't I just just broadcast it on twitter???

Wasn't I going to tell the world in a blog???

..............................We then started making phone calls and sending e-mails!!

I've had so much love and support, not just from my wonderful friends but also people I don't know that well or have never met. (Some of these being my twitter family!)
Just knowing that they are there and thinking of me and sending positive vibes is a great comfort.

The offers of help for when I'm post op have been amazing ........ this place will look fantastic with all the cleaning and gardening that'll get done!!!
Strange though how everyone has said they will be no good at making cheese ...........

Fellow traders have offered to take the cheese to sell at markets and one has even offered to lend their teenager to help OH if he needs it.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, with your love, help and support I'll get through this.

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  1. We are all here to support you, nearly all of us have at some time had friends and relatives with the same problems and know what a god awful time you must be going through. Big hug XXXX