Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Op date set

Its been a long day .... up early to cheese make before setting off ridiculously early for my appointment at RD&E Hospital. Thank goodness we did though as there wasn't a single parking space in the 6 carparks we drove around. Of course I was stressed to the eyeballs but luckly OH who is usually hopeless at remembering locations was able to find a carpark he used near by when visiting the Police Station a few years ago (in an official capacity I hasten to add).

15 minutes walk later we reached the hospital and 10 minutes before my appointment.

I'm getting used to appointments running late on this journey but here they tell you how long they are behind.

I was seen and examined by the Registrar, who then explained about the operation. He was lovely and gave me a lot of confidence.
Whilst he went to check on operation dates the Cancer Nurse then talked through things too.

She was also an absolute star and organised my pre-op whilst I was there rather than us having to trek back again!

Everyone at RD&E was so lovely and helpful that I don't have any fear of going back!

So I now have my Operation date - Friday 19th April

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sarah from Shebbear,
    Cheesemaker divine!
    I've taken a moment to pen you this rhyme...
    to tell you how much, we all wish you well,
    rid of this cancer, free from this hell.
    The positive thoughts, coming your way,
    we hope stay with you as you go through each day.
    It's true what they say, that you reap what you sow,
    you give such support, now it's our turn you know.
    As for the cancer, that's nothing you've done;
    But at the end of the day, you will have won!
    Now best I get off, and finish this rhyme,
    because after all, it is time for wine! ;-)