Saturday, 23 March 2013

More scans and biopsy

The radiographer was lovely, explaining everything and showed me the scan with the white blob on the right boob that didn't match the missing one on the left boob on the original scan. She was going to take extra scans to check it out.

No problem then ... must have been the angles in the mobile unit.


I then had to sit in a waiting room with another lady who wanted to talk. Normally I'll talk to anyone and I like to talk but I really wanted her to shut up as I needed to be anywhere but there..

Finally I went to see a very nice man .... Dr Russell Davis who did ultrasound. He then did a biopsy as he couldn't say what this blob was. It definately wasn't a cyst he said but could be a number things and he couldn't rule out cancer but if it was it was only 4mm so was completely treatable.

How naive am I ...'will you phone me or send the results by post' I asked 'no you're going to see the nurse now and she'll give you an appointment for next week'

No problem then ... so small it will be something simple.


I got dressed and went back to tell OH what was happening before seeing the nurse.
He and two other husbands had been swopping notes and they'd all had a problem with the front door as well as lack of welcome!

The nurse called us in and gave me an appointment for Wednesday which really wasn't well timed as its cheesemaking day but I had to bite the bullet and accept that I needed to know the results.


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