Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not what I wanted to hear

Being in limbo is horrendous ........ .

At least Wednesday came around quickly. As before we got to Exeter mega early and then hung around. After a coffee I bought a new bra in M&S. !!!!!

My worst fear was trying to get through the door rather than hearing the results.

Since Friday there was a new sign on the door buzzer and it opened immediately.

In reception there were 3 members of staff to greet us this time although we still had to wait 30 minutes to be called and weren't kept informed of the delay.

As soon as we sat down with the nurse I just knew that I'd been kidding myself....... and then she uttered the words 'sorry but the biopsy has shown its cancer'

Shit  she just said cancer.

So my next appointment is with Mr Fergueson the consultant on Wednesday at Exeter Hospital ..... why does it have to be a cheesemaking day??? Why does it have to be cancer????

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