Friday, 30 August 2013

How wrong was I?

When I left the surgery last Friday Dr. Howlett said 'if it doesn't clear up next week come back and see me'

With the high dose of penicillin prescribed I couldn't imagine that it would be necessary!

How wrong was I?

As I mentioned in my last post some of the pus oozed out on Friday night.........

Then after my bath on Saturday night some more came out.........

By Sunday the whole area looked and felt so much better and no oozing! Brilliant!

As promised by the lovely Doctor I had a loose stomach but after four days I was back to normal!

All seemed to be going to plan ............

On Thursday I popped into the surgery to pick up my tamoxifen and thought as I left I wouldn't need to be there for another month when I needed to collect the next pack.

How wrong was I?

When I lifted my arm up to dry it after my bath last night ......... guess what?

Yup ........ there were a couple of pin pricks of pus......

Shit, shit, shit!

Should I go back to see him??

No you'll just be wasting his time!

But we're going away for a few days next week what if it flares up again?


So today at  5pm you will have found me with my top off in front of Dr. Howlett .........

Soooooooooooooo I've got another weeks worth of penicillin 'just to be on the safe side!'

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  1. Good! you did the right thing, now you can go away with some peace of mind. Enjoy your holiday.