Saturday, 17 August 2013

Meeting old friends

As you know I'm a bit of a Twitter chick ......and have preferred it to Facebook as I couldn't get the hang of facebook!

Sooooooooooo it wasn't until I was at a loose end after my operation that I really started to look at FB.

What a revelation??!!!

I started to connect with friends I hadn't seen for years and as a result we met up with C and P on Tuesday  who were on holiday in this part of the world.

Guess how long it was since we last saw them???


No, not even close!

I'll tell you least 20 years!

It was so lovely to see them, catch up and find that they haven't changed in the intervening years .......... 3 hours just flew by!

Someone else who hasn't changed is my friend M.

M and I worked in Boots the Chemist (yes it was called that in the late 1970's) during our college days on a Friday evening and Saturday.

 We were privileged to serve on the chemist counter ....... well that's what we thought as it seemed important to have to ask the pharmacist if we could sell certain medicines to customers and we took great delight in not pricing the Durex so that when men came to buy them we had to hold the packet up and shout across to each other 'How much are these??'


.....and then usually have to look the price up in the book ............ hopefully we weren't responsible for too many unwanted pregnancies in Andover at the start of the 1980's!

We both left home went out into the big wide world in different directions but kept in touch, met up in London for lunches, (excellent that it was halfway!) attended each others weddings.............and then.......

the annual phone call on Christmas Day!

Whaaat I hear you cry......

Yes, for years we just spoke on Christmas Day ....... and always joked not to worry it wasn't Christmas if we called each other at any other time!
Oh and we texted!!

What can I do???

The first words she spoke on the phone after I'd texted her in March to tell her about the bastard cancer.

I actually can't remember my reply but we agreed that she would come down and look after me for a few days after my operation or during the radio therapy.

Well, bloody fucking sods law...........................

She was diagnosed with something that needed an operation so her visit had to go on hold as she also had to convalesce....

On Wednesday evening she arrived and this morning she had to go home but I can't believe how much we packed into two days ........................... it seemed like she'd been here a week!!!

Yup I was meant to be resting and she was going to do all my jobs.....

 BUT........... for goodness sake you didn't think I was going to lounge around did you???

I have to say I am bloody knackered and had to stop doing things for tomorrows market to rest but don't regret it for a minute so will not listen to any of your nagging!!!!

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