Thursday, 12 September 2013

Have I turned a corner?

Where does the time go????

Rhetorical question really!!!

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic ..........

The day after my last post was all about prepping for a market on the Sunday and it was the first time since radio therapy that I didn't have to rest.

Have I turned the corner?

The first Sunday of the month market is one that I haven't missed since my diagnosis but I have been exhausted during and after it until this one.

Have I turned a corner?

A couple of days later we set off for five days away at Burghley Horse Trials (our holiday)

The only spanner in the works was the five plus hour drive with guess who driving???

Soooooooooo as you can imagine I clung to the door handle, squawked at appropriate moments and tried to brake on several occasions ........ the response 'you're so fucking annoying' 

I'm glad to say we arrived in one piece at The Bell, Stilton which used to be our local and did us proud for our wedding reception 21 years ago!!

We had a fab time, caught up with friends we hadn't seen for 17 plus years, (didn't have time to see others) spent time with OH's daughters and granddaughter, walked for miles ..... the most exercise I've had since March, burnt the candle at both ends and was kept awake by noisy wedding receptions on two consecutive nights. Despite all this I felt tired but didn't have to rest.

Have I turned a corner?

Did the return journey, clinging to the door handle, squawking etc etc but got back in one piece!!

Since then the day job has taken over morning and evening and a bit of cheesemaking in between but I haven't had to rest although I feel tired, its not the fatigue I felt before.

Have I turned a corner?

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