Saturday, 24 August 2013

An update on the infection!

Did I mention the bloody horse pills I've got to take???

two, four times a day .... they are huge and very difficult  to get down ...... OH has told me I'm a wimp but really how are you meant to swallow these things??

After I'd posted the blog about my infection last night I went for a bath.....

As I lifted my arm to pat dry the infected scar with the towel I saw some pus ........ now in normal circumstances and you may remember from my post about the boil I like nothing better than a good squeeze and the joy of pus....... BUT..................

not tonight Josephine

So I dabbed a tissue under my arm and then clamped another one there whilst I dried the rest of me ..... quite a difficult manoeuvre!

Suffice to say a lot of stuff came out!

What a relief ......... it felt better almost immediately!

Today its still pretty sore but not swollen! However I've felt crap all day ..... so much so that I had to light the wood burner and slob all day in front of it in between forcing down the horse pills!

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