Monday, 12 August 2013

A dark cloud and little green man!

Hellooooo..............yes I'm still here!!!

Not much to report really hence the radio silence!!

For the last few days I've had a dark cloud hanging around me and a little green man putting thoughts into my head .......... no matter how many times I tell it to fuck off it just sticks two fingers up at me and refuses to budge .........

Is it the lack of sleep and the persistent fatigue that is dogging me????


Is it because we've almost run out of cheese???


Is it because we're still not making much cheese???


Is it because I'm not sure if we'll ever get the business back up to full capacity again???


Is it because my parents have had the nerve to tell me I'm doing too much and should rest .........

Yup, the same ones who won't come and visit me even when they're staying in Devon and so clearly have no idea as to how I'm coping with this whole bastard cancer thing!

The father who when I phoned to wish him a Happy Birthday lectured me (but told me he wasn't lecturing! ... yeah right) and made me feel like I was 15 again and having to listen to him going on and on about where I was going wrong .... for fuck sake............. leave it out!


Is it because everywhere I look everyone is having a good time. My timeline on Twitter and Facebook are full of peoples successes, going on trips, taking holidays, not having a care in the world ................

Yes, yes, yes...............

....... and do you know? ...... Its an awful thing to say but I'm jealous.

So a serious self bollocking is needed tout suite!


  1. Hi Sarah I don't know what you are going through cus I'm a bloke but my last wife had Breat cancer and my partner was diagnosed in march. The road is long and full of hurdles, you will need to shout at the world, my Fiona does! Well I wish she would more!

    Keep going we need small cheese makers and we need fighters like you to help beat the bastard that is Breast Cancer.


  2. Hello Tim
    Thank you for your kind words. You might not know what I'm going through but equally I don't know what you're going through either being on the receiving end, not once but twice. Stay strong for Fiona ..... without you guys and your support we'd be lost!