Friday, 23 August 2013

I have an infection!

On Saturday I decided that everything had healed post radio therapy and that it was time to stop the twice daily application of aqueous cream and take the underwired boulder holders out of mothballs........

Ta dah........ well OH was the only one who saw me flash ....... new bra too!!!

On Sunday my underarm ...... the side where the lymph nodes were removed from felt sore.
Of course I ignored it ...... well we'd been at a market all day and I was knackered ...... simples

On Monday I took a peek and it looked tres sore and swollen. Bollocks!!

By Wednesday it had got worse and I was getting a tad concerned ...... well, very concerned but as you know I have to be dead before I go to the Doctors Surgery - it was my upbringing so I ignored it.
However after cheese making all day it really was very uncomfortable and that evening I had to go and give a talk to a local WI.
I ironed a top, put it on, had a pee and then was on the way out the door when I realised that the bra really was the problem ...... although it wasn't touching the scar, (as you know I've put on weight) and my underarm is podgy and was being squidged!!

................... so off came the bra, out came the iron to press another top ( more supportive and not thinning like the one I had just put on!!)

Immediate relief!!!

This morning it seemed to be getting worse but I had loads to do so decided (well had decided on Wednesday that I'd give it four days to improve ) to ring the surgery on Monday!

Ha! Wrong ............. when I got back home after doing my bits and bobs I went to put some cream on it as it really was uncomfortable.

Arm up in front of the bathroom mirror really wasn't a pretty sight .......

I phoned the surgery .........

So at 4.30pm this afternoon you would have found me with my top off  in a doctors consulting room!!

'You can put your top back on' he said as he washed his hands

'Oh of course with breast cancer you get so used to taking your top off ..........'

Sooooooooooo he thinks its an infection and has prescribed a very strong dose of penicillin.... two capsules, four times a day.
Will probably give me a loose stomach  ......the shits then! thank goodness I'm not at any markets or milk recording then!

As its very red around the area there is a chance if it starts to blister that its shingles so I've got to keep an eye on it!

What a lovely Doctor .....  great bedside manner, same sense of humour as me and easy to talk to!!

I still didn't know his name so as I left I asked and then saw it on the prescription ........ aaaaahhhhh Dr. Howlett

'Alan' he said and 'If its not better next week you must come back and see me.


When I told OH about him he said 'I think he has quite a fan club amongst the ladies in the village'

Can I join the fan club please???!!

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