Monday, 30 September 2013

Me and my little old blog have made a difference

When I started this blog I had no idea where it would lead........

It was really just to help me get through this blip in my life and a way of keeping a diary.



I then found out that I could see how many page views per day/week/month there were and which countries the viewers were from ......... bloody hell ........ its read world wide

What a revelation

During my dance with this bastard cancer I've had the most amazing messages of love and support from people I know, have known and don't even know.

To be called an inspiration is well ....... flattering, humbling ..... actually I don't know but its bloody amazing that little old me and my blog have helped make a difference to others.

When I started .......  in the back of my mind was if  I only help one person with breast cancer then I've succeeded ...... I hadn't considered anyone else ......

Since my last post I've had the most page views in 24 hours and so many lovely messages and thanks for my inspiration my humour and my determination.
Some from fellow breast cancer fighters and others from men who are supporting their partners through this bastard cancer.

One of them was from someone I worked with back in the 1980's and had no contact with since. They've had a serious operation and as a result suffer health problems . Despite having a far worse time than me they have 'gained inspiration and determination from my positive and humorous attitude'.
Now that made me go all teary (and I can't blame the tamoxifen this time!)

Thank you to all of you for reading my ramblings and I hope I continue to be an inspiration......

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