Friday, 20 September 2013


Ok so there was me rabbiting on in my last post about how great I was feeling and how I hadn't needed to rest, so I must have turned a corner ...... whoa!!!!

Whoa indeed ..........

Fuck, fuck, fuck...............

Its all been down hill since.

Prior to the bastard cancer I could do three markets on the trot (four on a Bank Holiday weekend), feel knackered afterwards but still do the day job and cheese making the following week)

Ha! Not now.

Before all this shit I didn't suffer from insomnia and OH didn't have a shoulder injury that was so painful that it kept everyone awake ........ until NOW!

Last week the day job was full on (oh and a visit to Oncology for a check up but sadly the dapper Dr. Goodman was away)  and we made cheese inbetween then there was the fabulous Ashburton Food Festival on Saturday.

Whoa whoa whoa .....

How knackered did I feel on Sunday and Monday????  ........ bleeding knackered!

Then I took a cheesemaking workshop in Somerset, followed by our first two days of cheesemaking since my diagnosis and last night a 75 mile round trip for the day job.

Whoa ...... please stop

Today I've felt so tired ...... I just want to stop the world and get off !

So before you all nag ..... I know you did all warn me..... La la la (fingers in my ears)


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