Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Home for the bewildered

To put you in the picture...........
I am currently taking Penicillin four times a day on an empty stomach and tamoxifen once a day after supper!

OH having had his shoulder operation, has to wear a sling for six weeks and is taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen with food.

Well you've got to laugh ......... its like Darby and Joan here in the home for the bewildered

A conversation after supper.......

Darby 'Have you had your tablet?'

Joan 'No I can't take it for two hours, I've just eaten.......... oh you mean the tamoxifen, no I've forgotten again'

Darby 'Here' hands Joan a tablet 'and I've got some water'

Joan 'have you taken yours then?'

Darby 'Yes!'

They then collapsed into laughter.........

Bath time......... (no shower in this house)

Darby can't lower himself into the bath one handed and can't kneel (due to his knee replacements) so has to stand up.

Joan soaps him

Darby 'I'm cold'

Joan 'of course you're not ........ stand still'

She rinses him off with jugs of water 'oh you are cold aren't you?'

Ha ha ..... welcome to the home for the bewildered!!

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