Saturday, 28 September 2013

The infection is back ......

Did I mention that after my oncology appointment where the Doctor prodded and poked my lymph node scar rather roughly (and I was paranoid for the rest of the week that the infection would flair up again) I found an ingrowing hair where the dead skin had dropped off??

Soooooooo out came the tweezers and I pulled the bugger out.

It was a couple of centimetres long...... no wonder I'd had an infection .... thank goodness I'd got it out.

Imagine my surprise then two weeks later, this Wednesday when I felt a sore lump in the scar again ........ with pus.

Shit Shit Shit

I need to be well OH is having an operation on his shoulder and will be out of action for weeks.

Shit Shit Shit

Whilst OH was being repaired yesterday you will have found me with my top off (again) in front of Dr. Howlett.

Poor man probably thinks I'm stalking him!!

Now the 'hair' I tweezered might not have been a hair!!!

'Are you sure it was a hair or was it a stitch?'

'I thought the stitches were dissolvable'

'They are but can take ages to dissolve'

'If its stitches then that is probably what is causing the infection. If you find anymore I need to see you'

You learn something new everyday!

So as I was expecting to see a hair I saw a hair ............................ thinking outside the box didn't come into it.

I'm now back on the penicillin............ just a normal dose though as the infection isn't as bad as before. Thank goodness.

We also chatted about the insomnia and my perceived memory loss which was a great help ................. he is very understanding

OH had his wing repaired ....... it was worse than expected so he will be wearing a sling for six weeks 24 hours a day and no lifting for months..........  its all over to me now!!!

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