Friday, 11 October 2013

Darby and Joan!

Where does the time go????

Well ten days since my last post I thought you'd like to know how Darby and Joan are getting on.....

Darby is right handed ....... his right shoulder is the one operated on and in a sling.

The consultant told him to be creative with his left hand......

Joan is still waiting.................... ha ha

Breakfast time..... Darby is trying to butter his toast left handed ....

.....its like a three year learning to use a knife

Joan 'would you like me to butter your toast'

Darby 'yes please this is difficult'

Lunch time....

Darby 'Please can you serve me salad and butter my roll'

Supper time.....

Joan 'Would you like me to cut up your food???'

Darby ' If you could'

At least unlike a three year old Darby can use a fork and Joan is relieved that she doesn't have to wait for the 'I've finished' call outside the bog to then go in and wipe his bum!!!

Darby has to go to the Surgery .....

The weather is colder so no shorts and sandals!!

Joan has to put his socks and shoes on and tie his laces ..... she thinks its just like having a three year old!!

The only consolation is that he isn't have any tantrums (well at least not yet)

Darby and Joan go out in his van .....

Darby clings onto the door handle (but doesn't squawk)  and says 'you get swung around in this seat don't you??'

So far Joan hasn't been able to demonstrate her lane discipline to Darby in his van yet!!!

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