Saturday, 19 October 2013

Media volunteer

Back in August around the time I had my first infection (that's how I can remember when it was) I saw on twitter that the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer were looking for media volunteers.

I wasn't entirely sure what was required of a media volunteer but clicked on the link and completed the online form.

A lovely lady phoned me a few days later and explained what was involved  and asked me about my breast cancer story ...... she'd already perused my blog so knew a bit about me!!

What is a media volunteer? I hear you ask.

Well when a journalist from a publication, radio or TV want to interview someone about breast cancer they contact the media department at Breakthrough Breast Cancer  (other charities are available) and depending on what story they're looking for a volunteer will be contacted and asked if they're willing/able to be interviewed.

A couple of weeks later I gave my first interview to a journalist writing for a health magazine.

The next call was the week of OH's shoulder op ....... a newspaper wanted me for a photo shoot for their health supplement .........

Great, no problem.......

errrrr yes problem........ the photo shoot was in London

..... and the other spanner in the works was OH's op so I wasn't able to do it.

On Monday I got a call asking if I'd appear on the Lorraine show on ITV to talk about the importance of going for a first mammogram...

Blimey ....... didn't expect that!

Yes no problem.......


Thursday 8am in London ........ go up the night before.

oh nooooooooooooooo ...................

A quick look at the diary spoilt it all.

I was booked to be at a farm for the day job at  6.30am ( could have changed it) however OH had his first physio session which couldn't be changed ........ he needed me to drive him to the hospital and of course wouldn't be able to look after himself or the ranch whilst I was away so I had to turn it down.

Fingers crossed that I'm able to say yes to the next request without any spanners in the works!

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