Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My little folder

I can't believe that its two weeks ago today since I got my results and a month on Friday since my operation .......

I had expected to have  an appointment by now to see the oncologist about my radio therapy treatment but I've heard nothing.

Today there was a letter in the post from RD&E which I assumed was the appointment as I ripped it open but it was the consultants letter listing the treatment I've received so far and future treatment plan. This is for me put in my little folder.

Now I haven't mentioned my little folder before but on the day I saw the breast cancer care nurse for my biopsy results she disappeared into a cupboard (literally)and came out with a little ring binder folder and explained the contents, crossing a few things out here and there as some of it was out of date e.g 3-5 day stay in hospital after the op!!. It basically has sections explaining each part of my treatment. I even stupidly said 'oooh I get my own folder to keep, do I?'

Me being me, I left it in my bag for a few days not really wanting to read about all the gory details involved in the treatment of breast cancer or any side effects involved.
No! much easier to bury my head in the sand and ignore it! ............. that way it might go away......yes the bastard cancer might just fuck off and then I wouldn't need the manual!

Well unsurprisingly it didn't go away so I had to read it ....................side effects and all.... scared me shitless!

When I was on the day ward for my op I noticed several ladies had their folders with them. Why? Should I have brought mine with me? No! Don't be silly its just an information folder.

I did have that sinking feeling though for a moment, the one you got at school when everyone else seemed to have got a book/equipment in a lesson and yours was at home because you didn't see the need for it that day!

Whilst sitting waiting to see the consultant for my results 2 weeks ago I saw other ladies had their folders with them and for a moment had that do they know something that I don't feeling. Did I misread the letter?  No don't panic, of course not.

Anyway after giving me my results Mr Ferguson explained that I would get a letter from him listing my  diagnoses, treatment so far and future treatment plan which I could put in my folder.....

So there you are you now know all about my little folder!

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