Monday, 6 May 2013

Friends 2

Since this shit has happened I've been overwhelmed by the support I've received from so many people ......

Where do I begin ..... and who do I begin with? in no particular order ....

The traders who have offered to sell the cheese if we can't make a market , who have helped OH set up his pitch (and given him breakfast) and who have sent the most amazing food parcels home with him. And the lovely lady who prays for me ! Thank you!

The customers who have sent lovely e-mails/tweets and given me presents and flowers and sent their good wishes via OH. Thank you!

The fab network of people on twitter and facebook who have supported and encouraged me, sworn at me , bollocked me, made me laugh and sent me personal messages, requested a mention and song on the radio for me and sent me presents and cards! Thank you!

The amazing friends who have turned up to do the  cleaning and gardening and have planned to take leave from work to help during my radio therapy. Bought me books and magazines and sent me dvd's (even if they are shit)  Thank you!

The friends who have asked me out to lunch and / or come round for lunch to keep me sane! Thank you!

.... and my bloody brilliant twitter sisters who have come especially to see me and given me hugs at markets.  (also finding my long lost 'sister' who likes to swear as much and as rudely as me!!!) Thank you

Then there is the most amazing OH in the world who has had to put up with me and the swearing and ranting and all this crap. THANK YOU! 

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