Friday, 4 April 2014

The dance goes on ......

OH woke up fairly early this morning ...... well, before the alarm anyway (I think it was set for 7.30) and did his usual routine of yawning, sighing, tossing and turning when I'm trying to sleep .................

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 'Shut up ... I don't want to wake up'

Actually that's a lie, I really wanted to get today over and done with, but he's sooooooooooo annoying!!

I know it seems that I'm wishing my life away at the moment but I just need to know now!

After doing the cheese brining, salting, turning type things and egg packing stuff we set off with the dogs for a walk.

Great no time to think about things!

OH hurt his foot last night (one of his clogs split and did some damage to his toes -and he does have sensitive feet after the Navy amputated his little toes in the 1960's. Bastards! ) and within minutes of starting out this morning he had to return home as his foot hurt.

To take my mind off things I tried to identify the bird song serenading me and also all the wild flowers that are springing up daily as well as bellowing at Tilly before she shot off after bambi's and pheasants.

Now you know that we have a lorry and courier game that we play on our way to RD&E ........... well it started early today ..... one of our big fuck off wagons came chugging up the lane past me and the doggens. Bloody hell ...... he must have a satnav malfunction, coming to our neck of the woods ....... anyway I ticked him off!!!! (just as well, as you will find out)

Get to the point I hear you cry......

Ok, Ok,

Yes, we left ridiculously early ..... but in my defence they are doing loads of resurfacing on the way and one lane at Alphington/Marsh Barton junction is closed.

Not much to report on OH's driving apart from the sudden braking near B&Q when I wasn't paying attention due to looking at my phone and my sunglasses (propped up on my forehead) flew off and I was made to let off some expletives. I'm sure he did it on purpose!

Our lorries weren't playing either .... only saw one!

...... and yes we got there in plenty of time ....... loads of parking spaces and time for a coffee and a sandwich before popping up to the breast care unit for my appointment.

The last time I was in this department was on operation day when I had the wire inserted to identify the bastard cancer for Mr. Ferguson and then OH and I  sat for hours in the corridor waiting for me to go down to theatre. (not forgetting my sexy get up of hospital gown and white stockings with my addition of green dressing gown and pink slippers!!)

Today there was no one in reception (well it was 1.35pm - everyone was at lunch I presume) so after hissing at OH to sit down after he did his wandering around bit and poked his head through the window ....... yes its me booking in not you and there's no one there so 'READ YOUR KINDLE!' I stood there watching David Cameron on the TV with sub titles telling me how brilliantly 'we had got the railway line repaired at Dawlish' before three radiographers appeared. Just like buses!

Took a seat and before I could get into my book I was called.

Four x rays of my squashed boobs later and I was out!

The quickest appointment ever at RD&E and called in before time!

However ........... and this is the thing ...... the breast care unit will look at my mammogram and if they want to recall me I'll hear within two weeks ..... if not they'll send the results to Mr. Ferguson and he'll send me the results. If I haven't heard within four weeks then its a phone call to his secretary!

Lorry result on the way home, lots of ticks!!!!

So, my dance goes on ......

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