Saturday, 22 March 2014


You've probably all seen or heard about #nomakeupselfies

If you don't know its a trend started at the Oscars with a load of selfies being posted on social media by the loveies of this world. This snowballed and then thousands of women nominated by their friends shared pictures of themselves without makeup to raise awareness of breast cancer.

This then went viral and and suddenly the coffers of cancer research were £2m better off.

Now being a social media babe (as you know!!)..... twitter, facebook and instagram are my thing ...... all these #nomakeupselfies popped up in my timeline of laydees I know and they were nominating other laydees to do the same.

Everytime I logged on I breathed a sigh of relief that nobody had nominated me!


Well, I'm a country bumpkin and don't own any slap so I look the same all the time! Not much point doing it really!

Ha! I thought about it and then realised that it doesn't matter what I look like as long as I donated £3 towards research into this bastard disease.
So I posted my #nomakeupselfie (normal me) on facebook and donated.

Now I'm probably going to sound like a kill joy (and 12 months ago I'd have yawned and moved on too) but I do wonder how much this campaign has raised awareness of breast cancer.
In so much as are you and all the thousands women with their #nomakeupselfies breast aware?

Do you know what your breasts feel like normally?

Are you on the look out for any unusual changes?

Do you regularly feel them?

Me? I do it first thing in the morning on the way to the loo!!

Now there's no special way of checking yourself and each doctor and consultant who has examined me has their own way so don't be afraid to have a good old feel of yourself!

It could save your life!

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