Sunday, 6 April 2014

My family part two.......

Those of you have been with me from the start will know that my family (parents, sister and her family) spend Easter in South Devon.

We live in North Devon.

My blog post 'My Family' (8th May 2013) explains most of what you need to know.

Soooooooooooooooooooo this weekend was all planned ....... cheesemakers workshop at my favourite Bistro in Plymouth ( and then on Sunday back to Plymouth for the Good Food Market at Royal William Yard.

It was a bit of a shock during yesterdays workshop to hear that RWY was cancelled due to the weather forecast. Thank goodness for people with fancy phones! Otherwise we wouldn't have known until we got home.

Anyway a fab day was had by all and OH went to get the car after paying £7.20 for the privilege of parking in Plymouth for 6 hours.

The other privilege is parking on double yellow lines toute suite  to pack everything back into the car ....... (thank god they don't have the same traffic wardens  as we have at Bideford Farmers Market ) by that I mean muppets with no common sense and no sense of humour.

However in between all this OH phoned my Dad to tell him that we would be at a tea room near Ashburton delivering cheese at 11am.

Yup another downside of the market cancellation was that the trader who would collect our cheese at Plymouth and then deliver to a tea room just down the road from his store wouldn't happen. So we'd have to do it ourselves.

Dad said that they wouldn't get there until midday and he doubted if the others would come.

Fast forward to today ... Sunday 6th April.

So Ma and Pa were there when we arrived , we had coffee and talked about cheese, cheesemaking, food, my Dads health, after fifteen minutes OH announced that it was time for us to go ......... bloody hell ...... really ....... even for me that's rude ......

My Ma then said my niece had said to say 'Hello' ... great! but no message from my sister then..........

Dad then asked about our no supermarket shopping ... apparently its the talk of the golf club!

We eventually managed thirty minutes.............. thank goodness  the coffee at Hill House Nursery is fab!!

Driving back I mentioned to OH that I thought fifteen minutes was rather quick. He said that they hadn't asked how I was or how I was getting on even at the start when I'd popped to the loo and that he thought that by him trying to get us together they might at least acknowledge my cancer.

Too late lover ........ its a year on........

They don't even know about my mammogram ..........

We haven't seen them since November and rarely talk on the phone so how can you catch up in thirty minutes.

Well you can't.

However I'm sure as I write this my parents and sister and her family  are all playing happy families in their holiday let and no doubt slagging me off as I have just done them ........ that's life ........................that's families................ well my family anyway.

Oh I forgot to mention ....... to make it all better we went for lunch at my sanctuary .....................

..... for those that don't know - its The Ring of Bells!

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  1. Families.... oh my gosh.
    Lucky you have a lot of people around you who support you just because they want to and not because they have to.
    I think about you often and hope you are succeeding in your fight.
    So the Ring of Bells is you sanctuary? I had dinner there last sunday - mothering sunday, such a shame you didn't pop in last week, we could have finally met!
    Keep strong, brave lady. x