Sunday, 12 January 2014

My latest operation saga...............

By the way ....... I forgot to mention that I have  a pre-op date and a date for the op with Mr Ferguson at Tiverton,(for the flap of skin removal in my lymph node scar)

All straight forward then.........................


Why is nothing ever simple in my life????

I was surprised that I had to go for a pre-op as I thought they were just for operations requiring a general anaesthetic but my knowledge of these things is limited!

Two days before Christmas I got the operation date through and all the information enclosed indicated that I was going to have a general anaesthetic.

No, no, no Mr Ferguson had definitely said it would be a local anaesthetic.

Sooooooooooooooo I phoned the day care unit at Tivvy and spoke to a lovely staff nurse who couldn't help me as all my notes are still at RD&E.

The answer was to phone Mr. Ferguson's secretary........

Yes all well and good but when I had cause to call her in April, left her a message, she didn't call me back and when OH called her she reckoned that she'd phoned but got no reply...................

So I phoned her her voice mail and managed to leave my name and number before it cut me off as I launched into my message although it told me my message had been received and that I could now call another extension if I wished............. oh here we go again.

Now I get a bit anxious (I don't know why) about phoning people I don't know as in the above situation but as long as I strike while the iron is hot as it were then I'm fine.

Now I wasn't fine.

We heard nothing and because of Christmas and New Year I left it.

On Monday OH phoned Mr. F's secretary and got someone standing in for her, she gave him the name and number of a lady at Tiverton Hospital to phone. This person had a stand in too...........
She must have apologised for taking a while because I then heard OH say 'not a problem, Mr. F's secretary has someone standing in, you're standing in and I'm standing in for my wife!'

The result was that the letter that had been sent didn't stipulate what I was having done or what type of anaesthetic. So a letter would have to be sent back to RD&E to clarify the situation but as it stood I was to go for the pre-op unless I heard any different.

We didn't hear anything................

On Friday OH phoned Mr. F's secretary, the real one, not the stand in and she didn't know, he was in theatre all day so the long and short of it is I have to go for the pre-op on Tuesday, then starve myself on the following Thursday in case I am having it done under general anaesthetic.

What a bloody palaver!!!!!

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