Thursday, 30 January 2014

I didn't want to speak too soon!

I'm sure you've all been wondering ............

......... and yes I was going to tell you .............

BUT ..........

I didn't want to speak too soon ..........

I did that once before and I didn't want to make the same mistake again!

Anyway I'm jumping ahead ..........

Twelve days after I told you that mojo was missing I heard the wonderful Jennifer Saunders being interviewed by the equally wonderful Simon Mayo on his drive time show.

When she described how post breast cancer (and taking tamoxifen) she couldn't be arsed to do anything, nothing was right, and even when her husband took her on holiday it wasn't any good and he couldn't get anything right in her eyes etc etc. It eventually took a close friend to tell her she was suffering from depression. She now has pills which have sorted it out.

OH who was also listening ( he has the hots for Jennifer and once stalked her around Okehampton Waitrose!!) came over and just hugged me.

The penny had dropped for both of us.

I was suffering from depression ......... really? Me?

Yes really ........ the symptoms although worse than mine had just been described on national radio!

What to do?

Well as you know I don't do pills .... its bad enough having to take one a day, so I decided that I'd wait and see how I felt in the New Year ........ classic head in the sand!

The Ring of Bells at North Bovey was the only medication I needed...... as I posted at New Year a great weight was lifted from me at the stroke of midnight!

Mojo returned and since then cheese making has been a pleasure and other things are getting done!

Its now a month down the line and things are good so I think its safe to say normal service has resumed!

As a post script  .........

I know a lot of people are cynical (yes I've seen your expressions) about how I felt the weight lift from me when someone opened the door and the breeze came in on New Years Eve. However I have since read an article in the weekend papers where a TV presenter was contemplating ending it all by jumping from a balcony when out of the blue a breeze came and made him step back. At that moment he felt a huge weight lifted from him.

So I rest my case ..............

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