Thursday, 23 January 2014

Local or general anaesthetic??????

Sooooooooo today was small operation day!

OH set the alarm for 0630hrs so that we could have tea in bed and then I could have breakfast before the cut off time of 0730hours.

We then walked the dogs and I changed the bulb in the yard light which blew two weeks ago as its not fair expecting J to do the animals in the pitch black. (getting up early has advantages...... jobs get done)

A cup of black tea (not too bad) and a bath followed.

We then set off for Tiverton .............. and no, you'll be disappointed to hear that for the first time since March we didn't leave ridiculously early!!!!!

OH's driving wasn't too bad ....... only single lanes so no squawking required apart from when we caught up with all the old farts (OH not included) and one stopped (whilst OH was going off on one about Jeremy Vine .... yes it was 11.30ish and he was wanking on, on the Ken Bruce show) and the old fart in front stopped just off a roundabout to let a woman with a pushchair to cross. I let out a few expletives and OH stopped just in time, slamming his hands down on the horn, as I slid down the seat into the footwell  he carried on ranting.

£2.40 for 24 hours parking ...... blimey I'll go there again ....... only joking, I'm now done with hospitals and am hoping to get my life long aversion to Drs. and Hospitals back.

I checked in ..... sounds like a hotel really and we went and sat in the lounge with eight other people.

Gradually everyone except me was called to see the consultant then the anaesthetist ....... I was trying to read my book but also thinking have they forgotten me .........

ta dah ....


I stood up and so did the other one who'd already been called out twice ..... my turn!!! I became Sarah two!!

Mr Ferguson had a look, a prod and a poke and then got the black marker out and drew his arrows and things.

'I'll do it under local'

'That's what you said before but the hospital have told me its a general despite my telling them what you said!'

'The hospital don't listen to patients although they are usually right'

I then signed my life away. (consent)

'Unfortunately the locals are after the generals so I hope you've got a book in that bag'

'Oh yes!'

Just before 3pm I was called onto the ward and changed into a gown, put my dressing gown and slippers on!

A short walk down the corridor in my dressing gown and slippers and I was in theatre ( I still have the memories of the long corridors at RD&E with me shuffling in my dressing gown, sexy white DVT stockings and bright pink slippers!!!) Nothing like that here!

Within 10 minutes it was all over and I was back on the ward drinking coffee and eating a cheese and tomato sandwich.

So what exactly did you have done I hear you ask?

Yes ok...............

Actually whilst Mr.F was doing his stuff I was selling my cheese making courses to the theatre staff!!

So ....... he removed two sebaceous cysts from my lymph node scar which will be sent off for analysis and then stitched me up....................the stitches are dissolvable (erm like the previous ones which caused all the infection in the first place)

Apparently the anaesthetic will wear off after 4-6 hours ..... 45minutes to go. No pain so far! If its anything to go by after Mr. F did my Op in April I didn't have pain so fingerscrossed ......

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