Friday, 22 November 2013

Where's it gone????


Have you seen it??

Have you got it??

If so please can I have it back.....

What the bloody hell are you talking about I hear you ask?

Well in case you haven't noticed I've lost my mojo.........

Careless I know but I've no idea where to find it!

I just have no enthusiasm for anything at the moment and that it includes cheesemaking ....... yup the one thing I've loved doing, found theraputic and never tired of these last four years has become a chore. Running the business has become a chore and getting back to people has been a chore. In fact I've become a crap business woman and done all the things against my principles which includes keeping people waiting.......

If mojo was here it wouldn't happen but...............where the bloody hell is it?

I've never been one for lounging around in bed ........ well with animals, markets and milk recording there's no choice really but at the moment getting up in the morning really isn't up there on my list of priorities, although I'm not sleeping beyond the early hours  (insomnia rules) I just can't be arsed to get up.

In fact I just can't be arsed to do anything...

If mojo was here it wouldn't happen but ........... where the bloody hell is it?

I have tried giving myself a good talking to but whereas it would normally get me back on track its not worked this time.

So if you've seen it or if you've got it please can I have my mojo back?


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