Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Consultants appointment

Today felt a bit strange ...... no cheese making and

 ..... hanging around waiting............

Its a while since you've heard me say this but we left ridiculously early ................

However you'll be disappointed to hear I didn't hang onto the door handle and squawk in appropriate places  ....


Because I was driving!!! ....... OH still can't drive (but more of that later)

We got to RD&E in plenty of time and then drove round all the car parks getting madder and madder ..... lots of bollocks, shits and fucks!!

So we ended up heading for the nearest public carpark ....... as we came to the lights at Waitrose (OH who wanted to buy beer) suggested we parked there as you get two hours free...........

Big mistake ................

We nipped in and bought beer ...... oh and a bottle of wine somehow leapt into the basket (that's the no drinking during the week out the window then!!)

Twenty minutes later and ten minutes before my appointment time we were sitting in the waiting room.

We waited and waited and waited.

OH had forgotten his glasses so couldn't read his book and my book was so boring I gave up!

After fifty minutes OH asked how long the clinic was over running

It seems I'd be called in after another two ladies so another thirty minutes

Ten minutes later OH left to collect the car .................... bit worrying as he hasn't driven since his operation nearly seven weeks ago. Oh, and he'd forgotten to bring his mobile!

I was then called in and sat in the usual fetching gown for another thirty minutes before Mr. Ferguson came in.

'Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. Last but by no means least' he greeted me

He took my lymph node scar infections seriously and then had a good look at it.

He thinks that there is a cyst and a flap of skin which needs removing.

'Where do you live?'


'Is that anywhere near Tiverton or Axminster?


Anyway seems he does large ops at RD&E and his smaller stuff at Tivvy and Axminster.

He suggested finding someone in Okehampton to do it but was a bit doubtful.....

So the better the devil you know and all that.

He'll do it in a few weeks.

He's pleased with my boob and how its healed and feels!

So I'll be back to see him there in the spring and have a mammogram.

Luckly OH had managed to drive from Waitrose to the hospital without incident but was happy to hand me the keys!!


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