Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dear Body

A few weeks ago I saw on twitter that one of the breast cancer charities was asking ladies who had been through breast cancer to write a letter to their body.
Rather than write it on the charity website I've decided to pen mine on my blog.

Dear Body,

How could you?

I thought that we jogged along quite well, you rarely got ill and I did my best to look after you ...... well ok, in the last few years I had neglected exercising you (but there aren't enough hours in the day) and had piled on the pounds whilst doing that awful job involving the long daily commute. I did try to eat healthily and my lunch boxes were the talk and envy of everyone else. Ok and I let you drink a lot of wine but hey, was it really necessary to go to such lengths to get my attention?

You bastard!

What a shock........... you scared me too.

I'll give you your due, at least you planned it so that it was picked up at my first mammogram, and you didn't let it spread.

Even so we had to endure the lumpectomy, lymph node removal and radiotherapy.

You didn't like that though did you?

The radiotherapy made you sore and you developed a rash. Then you felt knackered for weeks.

Well served you right!

....... and then what was with the infections? You don't like pills but you had to put up and shut with all that penicillin didn't you?

Now you've got to deal with Tamoxifen for at least five years ........ didn't think about that did you?
Insomnia, hot flushes, aching legs, dry eyes, weepy and all that other stuff we have to deal with....... well, thanks .......... hope you're happy now!

I haven't been too fond of how we've looked body, over the last ten years or so but now you've made me take a long hard look ........ the dented boob is something we've both got to live with and the lymph node scar is evident but lets just pretend its a war wound shall we?

I've been eating very healthily for the last few months, cut down on the vino, taken exercise  and lost weight......... you have to agree body, we are beginning to look quite good. Perhaps this is what you were trying to tell me ...... not very subtle though I have to say.

We are so lucky to have a husband who loves us no matter how we look. Very, very lucky!

So dear body, can we come to an amicable arrangement ....... lets look after each other. No more shocks please?

Love from


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