Saturday, 21 March 2015

I never considered that OH still worries

We were ten minutes into the journey on the way to my appointment with Mr. Ferguson on the 12th February when OH said 'I get really nervous on these trips'

(I wanted to be flippant and suggest that I drive if his driving was the problem but knew he was being serious)


'Well I expect bad news'

Now I know when I got the 'sorry but the biopsy shows its cancer ' OH thought I was going to die and initially so did I. However with all the great treatment I received I realised that I had a few more years yet! Also my view is if I can't feel it then I'm sure Mr F and Dr. Goodman can't either.
 Although I have to admit to nerves last year with my mammogram and of course I'm waiting for this year's one so am a little apprehensive.
OH still isn't convinced.

This was a shock as although we talk about everything and anything he hadn't let on and I hadn't picked up on his fears.
Two years down the line too ...... How crap am I?

After we'd seen Mr. Ferguson I asked OH whether he watched what went on and how it felt sitting in a room with another man examining me as it had only occurred to me that over the last two years he had had to sit quietly whilst I was prodded and poked and chatted to by the Consultant/Doctor who was always male.

He doesn't watch but listens carefully, takes it all in and waits for the bad news ........... so he is relieved when the Consultant/Doctor declares everything feels fine.......

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