Thursday, 14 May 2015

Night sweats and insomnia

Sorry I know you've been hanging on for a while since my last post ......

........ but I've been a bit busy with the running lark!

A couple of months ago when I was still 51 I read an article in one of the weekend papers that stated the average age for the menopause is 51years.

Ok so I'm now 52, have been taking Tamoxifen (which mimics the menopause) for nearly two years  ....... AND..........  I'm still having periods ........ my body clearly didn't get the memo!

Two of the many side affects of Tamoxifen are night sweats and insomnia........

As I've mentioned before each brand of Tamoxifen differs in side effects to varying degrees. My preferred one is Wockhardt which seems to like me and I it, however despite requesting it every month, the surgery reckon it's not always available so after six months or so on it and with minor side effects I've now had to endure four months of different brands, the last two being Relonchem  which as with now and previous months I've had it it's give me the most awful night sweats ...... absolutely dripping with sweat and drenching the bed clothes. It's so bad that OH bought more sheets so that we can change them daily if necessary!! I have to be thankful that it's not every night I suppose!

The worst thing however is the insomnia ........

Despite being absolutely knackered all I get on average is two hours sleep before waking up in a sweat and then being unable to go back to sleep for two or three hours, dropping off again for a couple of hours before lying awake again wishing for more sleep, and then of course it's time to get up ..........

I have at least another three years, if not eight on Tamoxifen ......... please don't tell me I'm not going to get a decent nights sleep during this time!!

It's definitely going to be for the next month as I've just interrupted this to go and pick up my prescription ............ I nearly cried when I opened the bag ...... they've given me bloody Relonchem again!!!

Ok, I'll duck now whilst those of you who suffer the same symptoms and are going through the natural menopause chuck stuff in my direction .......

In other news ........ we're off to RD&E later as I have my mammogram, then it will be fingers crossed for two weeks that I don't get a letter in the post ........

I've just made OH's day (not) mentioning this ..... he thought we got the results straight away ....... happy days!!!!!!


  1. That's grim! Do you have a choice of pharmacy? Can you ring around to find who can get, or has Wockhardt? I often wonder if the 'oh we can't get that one, they're all the same' is related to cost?

    1. The prescription is issued by my GP and dispensed at the surgery ...... the joys of rural living. I think you're right about the cost issue. Thinking I may have to see the GP to plead for a change next month!

  2. I'll check if that brand is still on the formularly. They can't issue if it isn't - give me a couple of hours. Bx