Thursday, 5 March 2015

So two years on ........

Two years ago today it all started .... 4th March 2013

Yup it was a two years ago to the day when I had my mammogram which then turned my life tits up! (Literally)

So fast forward two years ........

............... to this weekend which was my Birthday ..... oh yes 52 years old.

Happy to be alive, happy in my own body and happy to have my photo taken.

A different story two years ago though ............

Two years ago I didn't have a fancy phone or camera so no record of the  two and a half stone overweight blob of a woman and even if I did I wouldn't be posting the photo's, I hated that woman.

This was the biggest hint at a wake up call and although (as you know) I was so fucking pissed off with the bastard cancer I have to admit now that it did do me a favour ........ but don't tell it!

Not just in the health stakes but also in the friendship stakes and the work stakes.

So in the health stakes ......  yes I'm still trying to do the eight to nine portions of fruit and veg a day but at times like at markets and Birthday weekends away it is difficult when there is lovely food on offer but none of it adding up to even one portion of fruit or veg a day
I do want to shout when I see a menu (most of the time) with no veg or a supplement of about four quid for it ....... but I do also appreciate that this is down to the great British public who abhor veg and leave it, meaning it gets chucked into the bin! (Great for soup though!)

Of course the running is top of the health stakes ........ who'd have thought it Sarah Styles-Power, Mrs. Cheese running and now signed up for the Bideford 10K and asking for sponsorship for  if you can spare a quid or dime or two thank you then
That aside ..........

So in the friendship stakes ...........well, I've never been the most popular girl on the block but it's amazing ...... I've found out who my true friends are, lost some  and made a lot of new ones .... Thank you, you guys rock !

Bum! Nearly forgot the work stakes ....... well yes money pays the bills and all that malarkey but actually we've (Mr.Cheese and I have) learnt that you need time away ....... Something unheard of on my agenda before so that's why I 'm looking so happy in the photo ....... we had a couple of days away and nothing else mattered!

Also as I've said before this blog writes itself and tonight I was going to tell you about my appointment with Dr. Goodman but it went off else where .........

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